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Are you are looking for a very unique, one-of-a-kind for  that 'hard to buy for' person, or would you love to have a better understanding of things going on in your own life . . . then, you have come to the right place!       There are many gifts and services available here at  .  .  .  . Gifts of Melody
 Personal ReadingIt's about getting  clarity with things going on in your own life through a personal and private reading/consultation,  in person or over the . . . .
If I can, I would simply like to assist you in some way to get to your best life ever.  Getting past blocks, out of your own
way maybe .  .  .  . to a place of a 'happy you!'
Entura Art: A 'soul' portrait is created for yourself or a loved one by Melody through a photograph .  .  .  .
even if they have already 'crossed over' into Spirit.
Entura Art  helps 'you' to expand and connect with  the intuitive self that you already are  in these "Creating with Spirit" classes of  Entura Art.  Classes are held in Richmond VA, Virginia Beach, or even in Windsor NY. . . . and I could even come to you.
 Personal "Treasure Hunt" Art:    you can give a unique and unusual  gift to be treasured for years to come.   It is created to fit your particular specifications and personal input, that includes favorite subjects and items of interest for  the person it is to be gifted with .  .  .  .  their very own Personal Treasure Hunt art .  .  .  .
Aura Clearing  removes blocks, painful memories, unpleasant thoughts that can keep you stuck in a non-productive space.  It is a gentle 'brush-down' that can be done in person, or over-the-phone.  .  .  . 
Wedding Officiant:   It is my Joy and honor to bring two couples together on "their" special day by creating a service to totally fit them and their uniqueness of spirit!  Sometimes the "traditional"  words simply do not express the couples' true feelings of commitment and love to each other, so I  endeavor to do just  that, in personalizing their ceremony with their own words of love and  devotion to each other .  .  .  . 
Coming up in this fantastic year of 2014
April  12-13th   The Aquarian Bookshop's  psychic fair in Richmond VA
July 25 - 27th   a 3-day weekend retreat in Windsor NY, Learning to channel through "Entura Art"
Oct 17-23rd   the 22nd annual FPI Intensive at the Surfside Inn, Atlantic Ave in Virginia Beach, VA
Here are some things that Melody was busy with in the wonderful year of 2013 . . .                                                             !
First . . . .there was this. . . .
Aquarian  Bookshop's psychic fair  June 1- 2, 2013 . . . then . . .
October  19-20, 2013, their Fall psychic fair.
    a-n-d then . . . . there was . . . .   
The "For Purpose" groups' 21st annual conference happened Oct 11 -17th here at Virginia Beach.  Dannion Brinkley was our guest speaker.  WOW!  Is he a ball of fire!?!  He is going to be back with us this year too, along with other incredible speakers and presenters.  Stephen Pollitt was also a speaker with an incredible message. 
We have been so very blessed, not only with this year's speakers, but also because of our community going and growing for 22 years and counting filled with talented, loving, heart-giving, beautiful people.

"It is my intention and soul desire, to provide you with a unique experience that you will want to share with others, making your own experience even more  abundant and life
full-filling. "
                                                                Melody Loving
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